August 22, 2014

The Orthodox Church of Tomorrow – Revisted


Four years ago Fr. John Peck published the essay below and boy did he get hammered. Creativity, a characteristic you would want to see in priests, is feared because sometimes it gets too close to exposing the sheer paucity of substantive ideas and compelling engagement with the larger culture that the Church, in order to be Church, should cultivate in their leaders. The truth is we have got some very fine men serving as priests. The other truth is that those who bring the most to the table are often the first to get their hands slapped, and if that doesn't work their livelihoods threatened and sometimes taken away. It's time to revisit the essay. You will find I think that it is a prescient today as when Fr. John first wrote it. As always, comments are welcome. First Published: September 16, 2008 There is an interesting phenomenon occurring in Orthodox Christianity in America today, and reflected powerfully in our seminaries. Seminaries are loaded almost exclusively … [Read more...]