August 30, 2014

Bishop Savas Launching New Blog

Bishop Savas, head of the Greek Orthodox Office of Society and Culture, is starting a new blog called Living in the LOGOSphere (no posts yet). He told Greek News that the new blog "will have a different, less personal, less whimsical character" than the travel diary blog he authored last year. Readers of the AOI Observer will recall that his blog greeting to the new president after last year's election included this exclamation: This is the Day that the Lord has made! The editorial focus on the new blog will range from "the political to the environmental, from bioethical issues to trends in popular culture," the bishop says. A number of writers will be involved. This is a positive development and welcomed here. Too much of what passes for "social witness" in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in recent years has been focused on the very mixed bag of "national issues" of the Greek state and constant collaboration with various and sundry Greek pols and bureaucrats. Defense of the … [Read more...]