August 22, 2014 +Jonah Placed on Leave of Absence by Synod [CLOSED]

Metropolitan Jonah

This report is from and recently posted. Obviously there is a significant degree of tension between Syosset (OCA headquarters) and Met. Jonah. I don't know the ins and outs of the OCA, but it appears that this report, given the extensive detail, was probably prepared for publication before the suspension (the part beginning with "How Did This Happen?" reads as if it was carefully constructed and edited; it would have taken considerably more than a few hours to write). In any case, the story is taking shape. • Fate of Fr. Garklavs, Chancellor, as yet unconfirmed According to a report from Geneva on the Greek website late last evening, citing “exclusive information” from unamed sources, Metropolitan Jonah has been removed as the Primate, and Archbishop Nathaniel has been named Temporary Administrator by the OCA Synod of Bishops. Earlier in the day the retired Bishop of Los Angeles, Tikhon posted a … [Read more...]

A Reflection on the Episcopal Assembly

by An Anonymous Priest | HT: OCANews As of today, the final day of the Episcopal Assembly (EA) held in New York, we have only received a few official reports.* These reports have been in the form of addresses from bishops of the assembly. While it is nice to read the speeches and some of their poignant words, I am convinced that nothing dramatic will change. I am not one who is ‘connected’ and I have no sources and am not given over to conspiracy theories. I do not give thought to a take-over from Constantinople or Moscow. If this is attempted or happens, then I will give thought to such a scenario. I was impressed by Archbishop Demetrios’ calm and reserved tone when discussing the situation we find ourselves in and some of the many abnormalities and difficulties that he laid on the table. I likewise was impressed with the fiery zeal and courage in Metropolitan Philip’s attempt to address some fundamental stumbling blocks the EA has to deal with. The other hierarch’s addresses … [Read more...]

The Medium is not the Message editor Chris Banescu has posted a brilliant response to a priest's criticism of Web communications: The many faults Fr. George finds with the Internet and the blogosphere are mostly true, but morally meaningless. Yes, the web and instant Internet communications can suffer from all the troubles and ills he outlined. Yes, free men will abuse their freedom and lie and insult. Yes, some will try to muddy the waters and distract from the truth. So what? That’s freedom, that’s democracy, that’s life! The right not to be offended does not exist in the Constitution. For freedom to exist and democracy to thrive such things must and will always exist. We must deal with it, not run away from it. The mountain of truthful information, solid reporting, trustworthy testimony, and ethically sound reflections and insights, would never have seen the light of day without the power of the Internet. The positive and constructive impact has had on the Holy Orthodox Church … [Read more...]