August 22, 2014

Thoughts From Nashotah House


The recent Anglican/Orthodox Conference at Nashotah House was, for me as an Orthodox observer, an extraordinary experience and one that fills me with hope (albeit, a guarded hope). Over the 3 or so days of the conference I was consistently impressed with the seriousness of all the speakers and the substance of their presentations. Archbishop Robert Duncan of the Anglican Communion of North America I think spoke for many of his fellow Anglicans when he said that "we (the Anglican Communion) come to you (the Orthodox Church) in our brokenness and our need for what it is you have." This is, in my opinion, an extraordinary statement from a Christian leader. At the same time neither Archbishop Duncan or the other Anglican speakers were unaware that there remain real, substantive differences between our two traditions. Of these the most serious were seen (from the Anglican side) as the  "filioque" clause, which was added to the Nicene Creed by the Western Church, the ordination of … [Read more...]

Report: Anglicans and OCA to work for unity

Update: (10/11) Ancient Faith Radio has the audio from, “In the Footsteps of Tikhon and Grafton - Anglican and Orthodox Identity, Ministry and Mission in the 21th Century,” the Anglican-Orthodox Conference featuring discussions and addresses by representatives of St. Vladimir's Seminary and Nashotah House. Listen here. The History of Anglican/Orthodox Relations Fr. Stephen Platt moderated and the speakers were Fr. Chad Hatfield and Fr. Arnold Klukas. Anglican/Orthodox Enculturation Mrs. Glynn Mackoul moderated and the speakers were Fr. William Olnhausen and Fr. Jack Gabig. Bishops and Mission Fr. Chad Hatfield moderated and the speakers were Bishop Melchizedek and Bishop Frank Lyons. Anglican/Orthodox Theological Training Fr. Arnold Klukas moderated and the speakers were Fr. Chad Hatfield and Dean Munday The Future of Anglican and Orthodox Relations Both Deans moderated and the speakers were Archbishop William Duncan and Metropolitan … [Read more...]