August 29, 2014

George Michalopulos launches “Monomakhos”


George Michalopulos, author and frequent contributor to AOI just launched the Monomakhos blog (it means one who fights alone) with this theme in mind: Enough of the ethic stagnation and Ruritanian triumphalism. It’s time for our bishops to get on the stick and stop playing games. This country’s too great to let us watch it continue its downward slide. Christianity conquered the Roman Empire and gave birth to Western Civilization. So why should we stop now? George is a historian, essayist (many of his essays appear on AOI and, patriot, and father. He's impatient with obscurantism and moral poseurs. He won’t "tolerate treacly letters or essays that remind me of the sentimental poetry of Rod McKuen,"* and uses words I have to look up (that's why I link to them). Sounds like my kind of place. *An example of a treacly letter. Give Monomakhos a look, bookmark it, and make your contributions (leave some good wishes to get the comments going). There will … [Read more...]