August 30, 2014

Minnesota Orthodox Clergy Stand for Traditional Marriage


I can see the Minneapolis Star Tribune has not changed much and manages, as always, to couch their bias in the basest sentimentality. One day there might be a class in Journalism School called "The Oprahization of Print Media" and the Star Tribune would be Exhibit A. I grew up in Minneapolis so I learned how to sift the wheat from the chaff, a skill many conservative Minnesotans acquire in a one newspaper town. I notice that the paper tries to strike a balance between 'yes' and 'no' forces. That means the 'yes' side is stronger and has a much broader reach than the Star Tribune lets on. Orthodox clergy joined the Catholics and others to secure that legal definition. Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune | Baird Helgeson | September 19, 2012 Both sides in marriage fight appeal to faithful The two sides slugging it out over the marriage amendment took their battle to the pews Tuesday, with both sides making bold, public pleas to people of faith. Minnesotans United for … [Read more...]