August 23, 2014

Tampa Native Metropolitan Nikitas to become a Turkish citizen


The question that needs to be answered is why are the Metropolitans of the GOA being asked to apply for Turkish citizenship? This is relevant given that the Greek government interferes in GOA affairs and that the GOA represents Greek government interests in USA. Turkish citizenship would extend that loyalty to Turkey and the GOA will end up representing Turkish interests alongside those of Greece. Theodore Kalmoukos, author of the article asked Met. Nikita that question in different words: When asked what he would do if the Turkish ambassador in Washington, DC requested him to come down on March 25th and demonstrate against Greece, he replied that "I'll tell him that I have other duties to attend to, and that I teach at the university and cannot make it." In response to the question of whether taking on Turkish citizenship creates any problems with his conscience, Metropolitan Nikitas answered that "on the one hand, yes; but then again, doesn't the Patriarch have the same … [Read more...]