August 20, 2014

On Contemporary Narrow Mindedness in Orthodoxy


Source: Mystagogy By Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of DiokleiaAlas, the element of nationalism, of ethnic narrowness, is a fact that we can see very widely in the contemporary Orthodox Church. And it has of course deep historical roots. It is not only a problem of today.Phyletism, setting nationalism above Orthodox catholicity, was defined as a heresy by the Church of Constantinople in 1872. We must keep in mind, however, that there is nothing wrong in itself with nationhood and our loyalty to our own particular people. In fact it is good. Patriotism is a noble feeling. But this feeling of national identity that humans have when they lead a balanced, full life, has to undergo metanoia, repentance, a change of mind. It has to be baptized. And very often this repentance, this change of mind, hasn't taken place and we have an untransformed nationalism. So while nationhood is precious and can be a means of grace, we must remember that Christ stands higher than all ethnic differences. … [Read more...]

What Can Evangelicals and Orthodox Learn from One Another? [AUDIO]


Met. Timothy Ware: "We Orthodox have the fullness of the faith but we do not live it out. Our treasures remain hidden and we do not live up to what we should be doing...Orthodox Christians are nominal and formal in their faith." A lecture delivered at North Park University in Chicago in Feb of 2011 with His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, Professor Emeritus in Eastern Orthodox Studies at Oxford University, and Bishop of Diokleia. Metropolitan Ka!istos is widely regarded as perhaps the world’s leading theologian of the Eastern Orthodox Church today . Podcast courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio. The following is a private interview with Illumined Heart guest host John Maddex. Podcast courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio. … [Read more...]