August 29, 2014

Information, Creativity, and Surprise


My review of Gilder's book published by the Acton Institute follows these preliminary comments. I believe that the book Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How it is Revolutionizing our World is indeed revolutionary. Author George Gilder is first an economist so this book, which he sees as the culmination of his life's work (Gilder also wrote Wealth and Poverty), is appropriately about economics. But it is much more. Gilder draws on information theory and posits that information, not chemical and physical processes are the ground of epistemology. What does that mean in plain English? Simply this: science itself is discovering that knowledge can not be circumscribed by what we can see and measure; that much more can be known about the world beyond the measurements of the world's material properties (the chemical and physical processes of things). This is astounding for for two reasons. The first is that it corresponds to what St. Maximos the … [Read more...]