August 27, 2014

Politics, Polemics and Reconcilation

Often I find myself being criticized for taking up political themes in my writing or speaking. Typically (in an America context at least) I am chastised for aligning myself with the political or Religious Right. While there is some truth to this, I think as the Catholic journalist and commentator John Allen points out in a recent essay ("Spain takes a page from the US pro-life playbook" ), critics conveniently ignore "the fact that the church's political alignment in a given culture often depends on factors beyond its control. In both Europe and the States, one such variable is how open the political left is to pro-life sentiment. To put the point bluntly, if pro-lifers (including Catholics) can't find a home on the left, many of them are obviously going to end up on the right." Allen's observation about the Catholic Church's response to political currents I can certainly claim as my own. Additionally, I think his view of the centerist inclination of the Catholic Church here is … [Read more...]