August 29, 2014

WND: Bonhoeffer in Harlem

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

When I attended seminary over 20 years ago, one of my favorite activities was the inter-seminary dialogues. Once a month about seven or eight of us would drive down to Jewish Theological Seminary in Manhattan to meet up with Jewish rabbinical students and seminarians from Union Theological Seminary (Protestant) and St. Joseph's (Catholic). You'd think the gathering would spark some lively and substantive debate, but the truth was the contest wasn't even close. From the very first meeting the Jews and Orthodox left the Protestants and Catholics in the dust. The participants from Union were caught in the worst sort of theological relativism, so much so that they were uncertain even of first principles. We just got tired of waiting for them to build up enough self-assurance to craft a coherent argument. The Catholics were reeling from the exposure of the sex-abuse scandals that were coming to light at the time and retreated into an obscure Marian piety that we Orthodox could … [Read more...]