August 31, 2014

George Gilder Has A Very Big, Economy Boosting Idea


You've heard me assert elsewhere that just as Marx and Freud have fallen, so will Darwin. And by it I mean Darwinian creation mythology, particulary the idea that the universe is random. Think of it this way: if the universe was indeed random at the outset, then where did the laws that govern matter come from? They could not have existed apart from matter because in that case the universe would not be random. The only place the laws could have originated from is the matter itself. Anything else explodes the mythology. The real problem here is course are the materialist presumptions that shaped the mythology. We call it philosophical materialism and it created what historians call The Myth of Progress. The Myth was heady stuff in its day but it was exclusively dependent on philosophical materialism, the idea that all that exists is matter. Freud applied the thesis to the person, Marx to history, and Darwin to origins. Faith in the Myth died on the killing fields of WWI when Europe … [Read more...]