August 23, 2014

Jacques Berlinerblau: Secular America Wins!


I could go through this article point by point and how how a materialist, non-sacramental worldview shapes how a person sees culture and politics. I am not going to do that. Instead, read through the article to understand how a person committed to radical secularism interprets the Obama victory. It's a revealing and, in its own way, honest article that illustrates the crisis and divide that America faces. Source: Huffington Post | Jacques Berlinerblau After last night's election, secular Americans can do things they haven't done in years: They can celebrate. They can feel a smidgen optimistic about the future of their country. And they can stop prattling on about repatriating to Canada. For a while there, house-hunting expeditions in Manitoba seemed like a plausible course of action. After all, "secularism" in 2012 was the dastardly -ism whose name could not be spoken. Across nearly 18 months of garrulous campaigning, I counted fewer than a dozen references to the … [Read more...]