August 29, 2014

Metropolitan PHILIP Saliba – On the Record

Ossios Lukas (Venerable Luke) Monastery

Note October 14, 2010: A few days ago I posted this interview (a very good one, BTW), then took it down, but I am putting it back up but disabling comments. Why did I take it down? I took it down because Met. Philip, a flash-point in the blogosphere right now, is also my hierarch. On a personal level, the man has been very good to me, taking me in and going to bat for me when I was mistreated by another bishop. On a corporate level, I am aware of the complaints and while I think some of them need to get ironed out, some of them are too personal and distract from what I see as the larger problem at hand: a clash of Eastern and Western sensibility and culture that, 1) the OCA was forced to confront when the ties to the Mother Church was cut by the Bolsheviks in 1918, 2) the GOA refuses to confront by building a false mythology of primacy, 3) the AOA has moderated by essentially building two churches side by side but which are now rubbing up against each other. I am not, like some … [Read more...]