August 30, 2014

Human Events. The Unseen Riots of London: American media tries very hard not to notice a world capitol in flames


This is what the collapse of the welfare state looks like. Source: Human Events For the past four days, the city of London has been in flames. The UK Telegraph reports over 20,000 calls to the police on a single night: Officials said all police cells in London were now full and that any new suspects who were arrested were being taken to surrounding areas. Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin also called on all special constables to report for duty as the Met requested employers “to support” their emergency initiative. “Last night was the worst the MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) has seen in current memory for unacceptable levels of widespread looting, fires and disorder,” a spokesman for the Met police said. “The MPS responded with the largest policing operation of the three nights to date (approximately 2,500 officers in addition to 3,500 officers already on boroughs).” The Met spokesman went on to report that the riots have … [Read more...]