August 27, 2014

Orphangate reopened?

Orthodox Beacon

H/T: Orthodox Beacon The Orthodox Beacon quotes the National Herald: BOSTON  — The Executive Committee of the Archdiocesan Council of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, in a letter to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew dated January 15, demanded that the Patriarch reprimand Metropolitan Theoleptos of Iconium for his letter castigating Archbishop Demetrios for his refusal to help the Sporidis brothers, the 10-year-old twin orphans from Congo. The story was broken by The National Herald based on Archbishop Demetrios’ letter dated December 21, 2009. Read the full article (requires paid subscription): We'll post the full story once it becomes available. Notice how they demand an apology from Met. Theoleptos, a call first made on the AOI blog. Will Constantinople respond? They just might have to given that the demand comes from the Archdiocesan Council of the GOA. Constantinople shouldn't bite the hand that feeds it, especially when … [Read more...]

Former Archbishop Spyridon Breaks A Long Silence

Former Abp. Spyridon

by Theodore Kalmoukos, The National Herald H/T Orthodox News BOSTON - In his first interview with The National Herald since his resignation ten years ago, former Archbishop Spyridon of America said he believes that “the creation of metropolises inevitably diminishes the Archbishop’s role and by definition undermines the necessary unity of the homogeneous body of Greek Americans.” The former prelate reveals that he did not seek on his own to become Archbishop of America but he was actually drafted. He said that, “I personally did not seek such election and that I was indeed directed to accept the appointment. The way I assess things today is that my ministry was meant to be temporary and served the ulterior design of those in charge at the Phanar.” The former Archbishop has not visited the Ecumenical Patriarchate since his departure from the Archiepiscopal throne of America and he does not intend to do so. He came to Boston and officiated at … [Read more...]

A Decade of Challenges & Achievements for Archbishop Demetrios

His Emminence Abp. Demetrios blessing a congregation

The headline is a misnomer. What will strike the careful reader are several important points, including: Total payments in the GOA since 2000 for sexual abuse related cases total $16 million; The GOA pays out $150,000 a month in sexual abuse settlements from one case alone; An implied relationship exists between the toleration of homosexuality and child abuse; The Greek Government is being asked to fund Hellenic College and Holy Cross Seminary; The Ecumenical Patriarch has final administrative authority over the GOA; Hellenism (as distinct from and parallel to Orthodox Christianity) remains the conceptual framework through which the evangelistic work of the GOA in America is filtered. The article, framed in laudatory tones, in fact uncovers very serious problems. It was published in The National Herald (Octobery 24, 2009); interviewer is Theodore Kalmoukos. H/T: ++++++++++++++++++++   The remarkable life of His Eminence includes distinguished work as … [Read more...]