August 23, 2014

Catholics and Orthodox report promising progress in latest round of unity talks


I was going to post the release below a few days ago but decided against because, well, it had that ring of Constantinopolitan triumphalism to it. I'm jaded by Constantinople's global warming initiative where the full moral force of the Constantinopolitan Patriarchate (as well as the complete administrative resources of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese) was pressed into service on behalf of the global environmentalist lobby. Even a rudimentary search at the time when global warming was heralded as "settled science" would have given the independent observer pause; too many questions about the veracity of global warming "science" were raised by qualified scientists, unqualified political celebrities (Al Gore and others) were elevated to champion what ostensibly was a project of the scientific academy, too many adherents viewed environmentalism in quasi-religious terms (employing a twisting of the traditional moral vocabulary to justify their beliefs), and so forth. That the Ecumenical … [Read more...]

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew’s message for World Environment Day

It's too bad that Constantinople won't dispense with the Progressive rhetoric (first paragraph) because it creates the impression that Orthodoxy endorses the shabby thinking behind the ideology. (On the other hand, perhaps Constantinople does buy into the Progressive world view given that we were told global warming is established fact and were exhorted to work for passage of the Geneva Protocols.) Greed is certainly a factor in spoiling the natural world, but to attribute all despoiling to the greed of developed countries is, well, misinformed. Deprivation, ignorance, economic insecurity factor into it as well. In fact, environmental care is largely the province of the developed countries while underdeveloped countries (China, India, etc.) are the world's worst polluters. Keep in mind too that without technological progress, there would be no jets to travel back and forth between Constantinople and the US, no riverboats for riverboat cruises, no energy to power the websites that … [Read more...]