August 28, 2014

Fr. Gregory Jensen: Moral Imagination, Moral Disciple and American Culture


Over at Koinonia, Fr. Gregory Jensen writes on the remark by G.K. Chesterton that "America is a country with the soul of a Church." It was true when Chesterton first said it and it remains true today (as the French never stop reminding us). The problem, Fr. Gregory writes, is that "America is still Christian in the same way that Woodrow Wilson was still Presbyterian — we have all of it, except for the Jesus part." "There are," writes Fr. Gregory, "few things as dangerous as a Christian sensibility without Jesus. We have everything we need, except for the blood on the altar. We have it all, and have managed to do this in such a manner as to have nothing." A portion of this compelling essay is copied below. Source: Koinonia | Fr. Gregory Jensen Douglas Wilson writing at Blog and Mablog observes that Chesterton once said that America was a nation with the soul of church. And when he said it, it was true enough. But today we are a nation with the soul of a mainline … [Read more...]