August 23, 2014

Dn Brian Patrick Mitchell — Thomas Hopko on Same-Sex Attraction: Speaking the Truth with Love?

Fr. Thomas Hopko -- Christian Faith and Same-Sex Attraction

Fr. Thomas Hopko has done the Church a great service with his book "Christianity and Same-Sex Attraction argues Dn. Brian Patrick Mitchell, a Deacon in the Orthodox Church of America. He is faithful to the moral tradition, approaches the topic with compassion towards the person struggling with same-sex attraction, and teaches how struggling with the passion can become a means of sanctification and movement towards greater communion with Christ, and affirming the possibility that healing exists for the same-sex attracted person. Alongside these strengths however, also lies weakness. Dn. Mitchell argues that Fr. Hopko has also inadvertently opened the door to activists within the Church who want to soften the prohibitions against homosexual behavior by positioning themselves "slightly left of Hopko." The weaknesses in Fr. Hopko's approach include 1) narrowing the categories of unacceptable homosexual behavior; 2) discouraging preaching and teaching that is offensive to homosexuals; … [Read more...]