August 30, 2014

Fr. Peter Guillquist — May His Memory be Eternal


- I first met Fr. Peter when he stayed with my wife and myself during a speaking engagement he had in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He sure was a gracious guest and he also loved sports. He relaxed in our living room watching a football game as I recall. It was a great visit. I had converted to the Orthodox Church a few years earlier and watched with great interest the conversion of the former Campus Crusaders because it mirrored my own journey in ways. Seeing such a large group come in made it a bit easier actually. Throughout the years we keep in touch here and there. He was a real people-person as we say, and it was authentic and genuine. The man knew Christ, loved Christ, and it always showed by his graciousness towards me, my family, and the other people I would see him interact with in different settings and occasions. That is what I remember about Fr. Peter the most, his gregarious and generous spirit. We have lost a good man. For more information go to All Saints … [Read more...]