August 30, 2014

Fr. John Whiteford Responds to Dr. David Dunn: On Tradition


Source: Fr. John Whiteford's News, Comments, & Reflections - Dr. David J. Dunn has begun a series of blog posts that continue issues related to our discussion about Same-Sex Marriage on Ancient Faith Radio. His first post is Ancient Faith Continued: Theology and Symphony. I will post his comments and then my response (emphases mine): Dr. David J. Dunn: I have met a lot of Orthodox Christians who see the Tradition as an unchanging deposit. They basically apply a naive fundamentalist biblical literalism to the Tradition of the Orthodox Church (“Tradition” with a “big-T” in the Orthodox Church refers to the Bible, creeds, rituals, dogmas, and diverse opinions of ancient theologians). For them, “the Truth” was delivered once in history, its meaning is clear, and thus our theology is unchanging and unambiguous. Fr. John Whiteford: We consider the Tradition to be an unchanging deposit, because as a matter of fact, this is what the Church … [Read more...]

Fr. John Whiteford Responds to Dr. David Dunn: The Hypocrisy of the Christian Left


Source: Fr. John Whiteford's News, Comments, & Reflections In a Huffington Post article, David Dunn has pointed out what he sees as hypocrisy on the part of Christian conservatives: It is the view that Christians should vote their values, and this means we should legislate moral evils into oblivion. Thus if we believe life begins at conception, we should vote against abortion! If we believe marriage is between one woman and one man, we should vote against gay marriage! And if we believe in caring for the sick and the poor, we should vote against "Obamacare!" ...Wait a minute! Do you see the political hypocrisy? The Christian Right votes for candidates who are anti-abortion and anti-gay (at least on paper) because it believes we must pass laws to protect marriage and protect life (at least embryonic life), but it is unwilling to apply the same principle to "Obamacare." Infants in the womb have a right to life, but apparently adults do not have a right to life-saving medical … [Read more...]

Fr. John Whiteford Asks: What is the Mainstream Orthodox View on Homosexuality?


Fr. John Whiteford comments on his blog News, Comments, & Reflections about an assertion made by Rebecca Matovic that professors, hierarchs, priests, and "many, many laypeople" agree with Dunn and his support of homosexual marriage. Matovic couches her views in the usual "I am loving but my opponents are bullies and dangerous" verbiage of the left, but Fr. John takes care of that in short order as well. If Matovic is correct, why are they hiding? Were they born that way? Have a listen: What is the Mainstream Orthodox View on Homosexuality? Source: Fr. John Whiteford's News, Comments, & Reflections | By Fr. John Whiteford In the comments to a post by David J. Dunn on the flak he has been getting about his posts on Gay "Marriage" there was a comment that warrants some consideration: Please hang around with people other than the Jacobse crowd! There are professors at our seminaries and hierarchs who agree with you; there are many, many lay people who are … [Read more...]

Ancient Faith Live Tonight (Sunday June 17) at 8pm Eastern — Same-Sex Marriage


Is Same-Sex Marriage a Church vs State issue? Does the Church have anything to say to the larger culture about marriage? No, argues David J. Dunn, the author of an opinion piece that ran in the Huffington Post several months ago (Civil Unions by Another Name: An Eastern Orthodox Defense of Gay Marriage). Dunn argues that traditional marriage (one man and one woman) is a moral construct invented by the Church and thus applies only to Christian believers and not the larger culture. Let the Church be Church and the State be State. On the other side is Fr. John Whiteford who argues that traditional marriage is not merely a moral construct invented by the Church, but exists in nature. Nature itself reveals the law of God; the natural order reveals the social context in which children are brought into the world. How so? Check out the biological plumbing. One man and one woman create a new child. Homosexual relationships on the other hand are naturally sterile, biologically closed to … [Read more...]