August 20, 2014

Fr. George Nicozisin: The Mission of the Greek Orthodox Church in America

Fr. George Nicozisin was one of the most respected clergy in the Greek Orthodox Church of the last generation. Reading through this essay he wrote a while back (I could not find the date), you can see why. There were (and presumably still are) men who understood the evangelical mission of the Orthodox Church. Fr. George was such a man. Read through the essay and see how some leaders used to think, and ponder too how far the preoccupation with ethnicity has directed the Church away from its commission to preach and baptize to all nations. Where are men like him today? +++++++++++++++++++++ Greek Orthodox Diocese of America Prologue Thanks to Alex Haley we have come to appreciate the importance of "roots." We, too, must take a look at our roots in order to comprehend, grasp and accept the mission of the parish here in America. However, before we address the current mission of the parish, we first need to turn to the lessons of the past and look at how church history in … [Read more...]