August 22, 2014

Leadership: Is the microphone on?

Orthodox Leader Blog

Fr. Basil Basil Biberdorf over at The Orthodox Leader laments the Orthodox silence on the recent health care legislation. Some of Fr. Basil's comments: The recent turmoil surrounding the recent passage of healthcare legislation by the United States Congress is providing ample opportunity to look at the absence of Orthodox leadership. Despite the scandalously equivocal language used by the Ecumenical Patriarch in discussing abortion (c.f., here, here, here, and here), the Church’s teaching cannot be misunderstood. Worse, at least one professor at Holy Cross Seminary is reportedly elated at the passing of this legislation. To those bishops (especially those whom I have overlooked) and my brethren who are speaking against the wanton destruction of these little ones, I thank you and pray that your efforts would yield much fruit by strengthening and encouraging the Orthodox faithful to stand firm against such wanton destruction of human beings. To the others, the bigger … [Read more...]