August 20, 2014

Fr. Alexander F.C. Webster: End of DADT Paves Way for New Discrimination

Fr. Alexander Webster

Source: Stars and Stripes (download newspaper version) | Archpriest Alexander F.C. Webster Sept. 20, 2011, a date that will live in infamy, the U.S. armed forces were deliberately and successfully attacked by advocates of the scourge of homosexuality. The elimination of the last vestige of moral restraint on sexual perversion in the U.S. military, commonly known as the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, ushers in a new Orwellian era in which the military leadership of our nation will proclaim the unnatural as natural, the unhealthy as healthy and the immoral as moral. On Aug. 25, 2010, before the DADT policy was rescinded by Congress and the current president of the United States, I wrote the following in a guest column in Stars and Stripes (“Chaplains in no-win situation on ‘don’t ask’?”): “A ‘nondiscrimination’ policy would surely mutate into approval and celebration of the ‘gay’ lifestyle, … [Read more...]

Fr. Alexander Webster: Open Letter to the Ethics Committee of the Metropolitan Council, Orthodox Church in America

Archpriest Alexander F C Webster

Archpriest Alexander Webster Ph.D. of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) recently filed an ethics complaint against Mark Stokoe, the editor of and member of the OCA Metropolitan Council, a governing body of the OCA. The complaint concerns the publication of private documents including stolen emails from former OCA priest Fr. Joseph Fester, the confidential correspondence of Met. Jonah, and the private correspondence of retired Bishop Nikolai (Soraich) by Mr. Stokoe on his blog. Fr. Webster argues that Mr. Stokoe's actions violate the OCA Best Practice Principles that require “the highest standards of honesty and the conduct of their duties.” The Ethics Committee refused to act on his complaint. Fr. Webster responds below. The timeline of the complaint process with supporting documents: 1. May 15, 2011, First Letter to the Ethics Committee (pdf here). 2. May 23, 2011, Second Letter to the Ethics Committee (pdf here). 3. June 9, 2011, … [Read more...]