August 28, 2014

Edith Schaeffer. May Her Memory Be Eternal

Edith and Francis Schaeffer

Edith Schaeffer passed away last week at 91 years old. Many readers may not know her. Edith was the wife of prominent Evangelical theologian Francis Schaeffer who founded L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland and had immeasurable influence helping young people find their way out of the despair of moral relativism in the latter decades of the last century. Edith was a profound humanitarian but in a very humane way, revealing how creativity in small things like making a dinner brought forward a dimension of the divine in our daily labor that elevated and honored those to whom that work was offered. She possessed grace and a generosity of the heart and spirit. Years ago on a cold day in Rochester, Minnesota I was privileged to experience her warmth. One of my closest friends married Edith Schaeffer's secretary. When I heard that her son Frank was converting to the Orthodox faith I called Keith and offered to drive down from Minneapolis and explain to her what this Orthodox faith … [Read more...]