August 19, 2014

Abp. Demetrios on the way out?

Met. Theoliptos - Ranking hierarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

Metropolitan Theoliptos also wrote “Truly where are we going? Where has our wretched Orthodox Church been led? Where has the Church been led by the conscienceless shepherds? How can we want the faithful to believe us and to follow us when we do not practice what we preach?” Metropolitan Theoliptos, one of the most prominent hierarchs of the Ecumenical Patriarchate also said in his letter that “If he (Archbishop Demetrios) is not in apposition to help two orphan boys ten years old, then it is bad that he remains in his position.” +++++++++++++++++++++++ The National Herald reported on January 15, 2010 on the plight of two Congolese boys who were not allowed to join St. Basil's Academy by Abp. Demetrios of the GOA (See: Archbishop Demetrios’ Handling of Request to Help Two Orphans Creates Crisis). The boys, born of a Greek father and Congolese mother, recently lost their father and their mother is dying of cancer. Having no relatives in the Congo, relatives in America approached … [Read more...]

The silence of the EP to events in world Orthodoxy

Several important events of the last week involve Orthodox Christians around the world including the protest by Palestinian Christians against the alleged corruption of the Patriarch of Jerusalem (see: Palestinian Christians jeer Greek Orthodox leader; also see: Patriarch could become persona non grata in Bethlehem) and the Muslim persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt (see: 8 Coptic Christians in Egypt Shot Dead As They Left Christmas Mass). Notable is the silence of the Ecumenical Patriarch concerning these events. Not so with Rome. From the Assyrian News Agency: Pope Condemns Religious Attacks After Copt Deaths VATICAN CITY (Reuters) -- Pope Benedict called on political and religious authorities on Sunday to prevent violence against Christians, in an apparent reference to recent attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt. "Violence against Christians ... has caused indignation among many people, particularly because it has taken place on the most sacred days of the Christian … [Read more...]