August 27, 2014

Philosophy and Contentment in the Age of Radical Skepticism


This is an outstanding essay by Dr. Pedro Blas González, a professor of philosophy at Barry University of Miami and occasional contributor to Dr. González analyzes the sickness of contemporary culture with penetrating moral clarity of the kind only given to those whose touchstone is not of this world. Some highlights: What is it about utopian types - those legions of reality-loathing radical skeptics - wretched souls who are incapable of finding contentment in life from anything that does not resemble a political category? If we had to identify the core pathology that defines our age, one which will serve as the definitive point of contention in understanding our time by future generations, that would have to be our incessant conditioning by social/political/economic engineers to make us conceive of happiness as the result of entitlement. The epistemological and moral aberrations that children are made to learn in public schools today are simply mind … [Read more...]