August 20, 2014

The Orthodox Church – 1923 American Interview with Patriarch Tikhon

Patriarch Tikhon

Source: Alexander Palace Time Machine From "The Light of Russia" by Donald A. Lowrie (From a rare book published by the YMCA in Prague in 1923. Tikhon was murdered by the Communists soon after the book was published. - Bob Atchison) After the decision to restore the Patriarchate, the most important act of the Sobor was the election of the man to fill that office. In the midst of the three days battle which resulted in the taking of Moscow by the Bolsheviks, the Sobor in orderly sittings earried out the routine it had defined for the election of a Patriarch. This was a minutely detailed procedure based upon the method first employed in 1634 for the election of Joasaf I and followed in the choice of aII subsequent Patriarchs. A secret ballot of all members was taken and the names of those receiving votes tabulated according to the number received. The choice of the Patriarch must be made from the highest three in the list. In this case they were Tikhon, Metropolitan of Moscow, … [Read more...]