August 27, 2014

One Real Leader Makes a Big Difference

Patriarch Ilia baptizing a baby

Patriarch Ilia II of the Georgian Orthodox Church is on a one man crusade for life, and he is making a difference. The AP reports this story through lens of American pragmatism (the only reason for children is to increase the birth rate) but anyone familiar with the soul-stultifying and life-denying precepts of Marxist ideology (and its materialist premise that has gained hold in the West and manifests itself as the culture of death) knows that this is a cultural shift of the first order. It's drawn from the moral precepts of the Christian tradition. Christian teaching, properly understood, holds life inviolable. One way to reduce abortions is to start valuing life again. Imagine that. Georgia's Patriarch Baptizes 400 Babies TBILISI, Georgia (AP) — The patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church presided over the baptism of hundreds of babies in a Tbilisi cathedral on Sunday as part of an effort credited with helping raise the birth rate in this former Soviet … [Read more...]