August 30, 2014

“Atheistic five-year plan” Was Announced in the USSR 80 Years Ago [VIDEO]


Aggressive atheists don't like either Communism or Nazism referenced as atheistic ideologies because it implicates atheism in deaths of millions killed by Communists and Nazis. They go to great lengths to dispute charges including claims that Soviet Communism adulterated Marx (Hitchens) to arguing that the Nazi appropriation of Christian symbols to justify Nazi barbarism proves it was Christian. It's historical revision of the first order. Historical memory is full of inconvenient truths in a civilization built on the precepts of the Christian faith. Source: Interfax Moscow, May 15, Interfax - On Tuesday, there will be 80 years since the Soviet government issued a decree on "atheistic five-year plan." Stalin set a goal: the name of God should be forgotten on the territory of the whole country to May 1, 1937, the article posted by the Foma website says. Over 5 million militant atheists were living in the country then. Anti-religious universities - special … [Read more...]