August 21, 2014

ROC Issues Stricter Rules for Celibate Clergy

St. Basil Cathedral

Source: Interfax 3 February 2011 The MP Archpastoral Council, at its present session in Moscow, found it necessary to limit the practise of ordaining young celibate men to the clerical state. In a special resolution published on Thursday, the bishops resolved, "We regard the practise of ordaining celibate men not in monastic orders, especially those not previously married, as not being according to the usual norms". Having considered the matter, and taking into account the decisions made by the all-Russian Council of 1918 and the MP Holy Synod in January 1931, the bishops decreed that the ordination of celibate men not in monastic orders shouldn't occur before the candidate reaches the age of 30, and "only after the ordaining bishop conducts a thorough examination of him". A celibate candidate for ordination not in the monastic state must first complete their seminary, academic, or other higher theological education. If he takes external courses not in residence, he … [Read more...]