August 22, 2014

Bishop Mark responds to EA

Bishop Mark -- Antiochian Orthodox Church of America

Note the request to move Central America into the South American conference, and separate Canada as its own entity (both good moves I think). Note too that these requests will be "...forwarded to the Ecumenical Patriarch per the procedures outlined in the Chambesy Documents." The latter point needs deliberation given that the EP's insistence that the autocephaly of the OCA should not be recognized is a point not universally recognized in the larger Orthodox Church. (The claim that the OCA is not-canonical was settled in Moscow two days ago when the EP served with an OCA representative at the Patriarchal Liturgy.) Put another way, we cannot accede the future of the American Orthodox Church to Constantinople alone. It appears the Bishops attending the assembly understand this given the importance they placed on their previous work done through SCOBA (an intellectually honest approach in my opinion). HT: St. Andrew House +++++++++++++++++ 2656 PEMBERTON DRIVE OFFICE TOLEDO, OH 43606 … [Read more...]