August 29, 2014

Benjamin Peck: Speak My Name

Benjamin Peck

I am always encouraged whenever I read or hear young people who are serious about Christ. Below is a sermon written by Benjamin Peck, a freshman at Holy Cross College that he gave at the Festival of Young Preachers conference sponsored by the Academy of Preachers in January, 2012. (Learn more about the festival here.) Ben is 21 years old but you can see by his sermon he thinks deeply and seriously about the needful things. He is aware that following Christ carries a cost and requires soberness and courage. He knows that the Christian life requires interior transformation, a putting away of sin, and boldness and resolve in the face of opposition and even danger. This kind of clarity doesn't come without concrete encounter with the Risen Christ. As I said, this is very encouraging. Good work Ben. By Benjamin Peck Oh Heavenly King, the comforter, the spirit of Truth, who art everywhere and fillest all things. Treasury of blessings, and giver of life; come and abide in … [Read more...]