August 22, 2014

Assembly of Bishops Committee Chairs to Meet this Month


After two years so it's probably time for a meeting. Josephus Flavius, curator of Byzantine, Texas put it well: We'll see which model the assembly chooses to use on providing an update after this meeting. Will it be a perfunctory listing of people who showed up with a reference to the joy they have at being together or will it be a "meaty" report with details and future plans. Met. Philip was even more pessimistic when the Assembly was cobbled together: We are faced now with a very serious procedural nightmare. We are, supposedly, here to discuss a new organization to replace SCOBA. The question is: Was SCOBA dissolved and if so, by whom? And when?? SCOBA has a constitution which is fifty years old. If this constitution has to be amended, let us then amend it according to correct procedures. No one can dissolve SCOBA except SCOBA itself. SCOBA has organized Bishops’ Assemblies before Chambesy told us to do so. The first Assembly was held at the Antiochian Village in Ligonier, … [Read more...]