August 31, 2014

John Finnis on the Moral Status of the Fetus

From the American Catholic blog. Look at the clear thinking going on, the direct challenge to secularists and others working to establish the culture of death. Then compare this to our preoccupation with global warming and other dubious fads, the confusion (as the essay below states) between morality and moral status in our didactic discourse, our inability to self-organize (at least on the hierarchical level) thus binding the nascent creativity of many of our priests and laity (the fact we accomplish as much as we do despite the handicaps proves the point), and so forth. American Orthodoxy is at a crossroads and it no longer acceptable to waste another decade arguing about unity and mission like we have the last four. This has to stop. One other point. I find in the essay the philosophical rationale for a point I've been making for years about the claim that the unborn fetus (latin: little one) is merely "potential human life." While the culture of death advocates use the claim to … [Read more...]