August 27, 2014

Address of Abp. Nicolae of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese

Abp. Nicolae, Romanian Archdiocese

Abp. Nicolae reaches deep into the history of Orthodoxy in America to draw out the narrative of accomplishment of Orthodox clergy and laity that, he implies, functions as a map for the future. ++++++++++++++++ ADDRESS OF HIS EMINENCE ARCHBISHOP NICOLAE OF THE ROMANIAN ORTHODOX ARCHDIOCESE At the Episcopal Assembly of North and Central America New York, New York May 27, 2010 Your Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Your Eminences and Your Graces, Dear Brothers and con-celebrants in the Lord, We have gathered here these days bathed in the Light and Grace of the All-Holy Spirit to discuss the future of our Holy Orthodox Church in North America. Whether this comes to be seen as an historic meeting will depend on us, and what we decide. And while we may have been convened in a new way, that fact is that the project of organizing the Church on this continent is not new. As we continue our deliberations it would be helpful to pause and reflect on all of the efforts over … [Read more...]