August 27, 2014

Fr. Vladimir Berzonsky: Archbishop Job and the Struggle for Light

Fr. Vladimir Berzonsky

More accolades about the courage of Abp. Job facing up to corruption in the Church. As an outsider looking in, it was clear that Abp. Job's increasingly clear voice that the corruption in the OCA needed the disinfectant that only the light of transparency would allow started to break through when he mustered the courage to speak out. I could see it was not easy on the man. Perhaps it contributed to his early death. I could see too it was a role he did not choose for himself but circumstances cast it upon him, and he did not disown the commission. He took it on reluctantly with some missteps along the way but for this he can be forgiven. Lesser men shrink under the challenge but Abp. Job found his voice. His courage clearly fostered the courage of others and opened the door for a renewal in a Church beleaguered by such grave malfeasance that its future was in doubt. Now is a new day. May his memory be eternal. ++++++++++++++++++++++ H/T: “The light shines in … [Read more...]

Fr. Steven Kostoff: Reflection on Archbishop Job – A witness to the truth

Fr. Steven Kostoff

Fr. Steven Kostoff asks, why wasn't Bp. Job's courageous stand for the truth during the OCA's recent time of trial acknowled at his funeral? His Eminence, Archbishop Job of Chicago and the Midwest fell asleep in the Lord on Friday, December 18.  His funeral services were held in Chicago on December 22 & 23, and he was buried in Black Lick, PA on Saturday, December 26.  Thus, we have lost an able archpastor who served us well in the Diocese of the Midwest. This was during a time of great distress throughout the entire Orthodox Church in America, when we were forced to come to terms with a "Church scandal" that exceeded the boundaries of the merely "financial."  I have no intention of rehearsing the facts of that story beyond what would be essential here, as I offer a personal assessment as to how I now understand the role of Archbishop Job in serving the Church throughout this "time of troubles."  I believe that his role was essential, decisive, and yet painful for him … [Read more...]