August 28, 2014

Agreement Reached on Rebuilding St. Nicholas in New York City

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed in the terrorist attack on 9/11 will be rebuilt. This is good. Archbishop Demetrios said that "when St. Nicholas Church is completed it will be a place of praying, a place of comfort, openness and reconciliation where the relatives of the almost three thousand victims of 9/11 can come and light a candle." This is even better. My hope has always been that the rebuilt St. Nicholas would become the spiritual locus of those remembering the suffering of 9/11 (see Ground Zero is American Holy Ground). Catastrophes of that scale and magnitude need to reference God in some way or another in order to make sense of them and know where to go from here. If the vision is indeed as expansive as Abp. Demetrios indicates it might be, St. Nicholas may become a touchstone for people of all faiths, not just the Orthodox. Hope could be fostered. This would be best of all. NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces the Signing of Final … [Read more...]

Pastoral Message of Archbishop Demetrios (GOA) on September 11, 2001

Abp. Demetrios (GOA)

Very good talk, particularly about the sobriety the attack on 9/11 fostered not only on the people of New York mentioned by Abp. Demetrios, but also all over America. Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America … [Read more...]

Don’t be fooled…

Frontpage Magazine has an off the record recording of Imam Feisal Abdel Rauf Cordoba Mosque Imam and ostensible "bridge-builder" between Christian and Muslim cultures (the bridge he wants to build is one that reaches back to the VIII Century) that reveals that Rauf is using the 9/11 catastrophe exactly in terms his critics charged: as victory for Islam. Video below with some text. Read the entire article on the Frontpage Magazine website. … [Read more...]

Ground Zero Mosque: a “Rabat”, not a “Cultural Center”

This article was written by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, a Roman Catholic priest. Fr. John comments on Amir Taheri's article in today's New York Daily News. Fr. John uses different font styles in his analysis which makes reading his post a bit difficult. It is worth the time to go through it however. Source: What Does the Prayer Really Say? Fr. John Zuhlsdorf: Some time ago, at the recommendation of the great Fr. Welzbacher of St. Paul, I read Andrew McCarthy’s The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America.  It was an excellent preparation, or propaedeutic, for the controversy over the proposal to build the mosque complex at Ground Zero in Manhattan.  And, yes, I think 51 Park Place qualifies as "ground zero" in the sense that landing gear from one of the airplanes struck the building.  As I listened and read about the "Cordoba House" proposal something about it sounded familiar.  McCarthy described how militant Islamists … [Read more...]

George Demos: We Must Rebuild Orthodox Church at Ground Zero

HT: Onet Blog Greek-American Conservative Republican Candidate for Congress in the First District of New York George Demos appeared on Fox News recently. Demos called on The Port Authority’s Executive Director Chris Ward to immediately stop his bureaucratic roadblocks and that the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero must be a top priority. Demos stated that it was disgraceful that the Port Authority of New York/ New Jersey reniged on a deal with Church officials and for over a year has refused to meet with the leaders of the only house of worship actually destroyed on September 11, 2001. Demos noted that our government is spending billions of dollars to rebuild the infrastructure of Ground Zero, yet no plan exists for rebuilding the Church. Demos reiterated that our Judeo-Christian values are under attack in our nation and that rebuilding the Church transcends any particular denomination. Demos also renewed his call to investigate the sources of … [Read more...]