November 1, 2014

Locality, the Episcopate, and Canonicity: Reflections on the Recent Pre-Conciliar Meeting at Chambesy

Author: George Michalopulos


ABSTRACT: In previous essays posted on this forum, the present author analyzed the formation of autocephalous churches, the role of the metropolitan and its role within the episcopate, the canonical claims of existing patriarchates regarding primacy within the so-called Diaspora, and the current jurisdictional crisis within North America. As to the idea of a “diaspora,” certain issues need to be more fully developed. Specifically, which autocephalous church has the authority to evangelize within such an area? How is autocephaly to be proclaimed? Are parallel dioceses and/or multiple episcopal seats in one city evidence of schism? And can fidelity to the Gospel trump the claims of an already existing diocese? Parts 1 through 5 are primarily historical whereas the last two sections contain analysis and commentary based on recent events.

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    Ryan Close says:

    Line that read:

    (at present, there are no exarchates of the sees of Antioch or Jerusalem in the lands in question, hence, no provision is made for any émigré bishops from these churches)

    should say Alexandria not Antioch. I hope that helps.

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    George Michalopulos says:

    Ryan, thank you. That was my mistake. Fr Hans, can we change that? sorry.

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    George Michalopulos says:

    p.s. Ryan, thanks for taking the ime to read it. I pray it didn’t bore you to tears. when one puts on the historical hat, pedantic language invariably follows. That’s why I so much enjoy the robust give-and-take of this blog. Polemics are much more fun than apologetics.

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