October 22, 2014

Antiochians Launch “Discover Orthodoxy”

The Antiochian Orthodox Church recently launched “Discover Orthodoxy,” an informational and apologetic website to explain the Orthodox faith to seekers. Topics include:

Introducing Orthodoxy: Come and see!

What is the Church? The Church is the Body of Christ.

Who Is God? The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Feasts and Fasts: The cycle of the Christian year.

Liturgy and Worship: Service to our Lord.

Our Sacraments: God meets us in the physical.

Our Scriptures: The Bible in Orthodox life.

Entering God’s Kingdom: The Orthodox spiritual path.

People of Faith: Our Orthodox role models.


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    The Antiochian Orthodox Church’s newly-launched “Discover Orthodoxy” website is an idea whose time has come. It provides the answers to many questions sought not only by Orthodox worshipers, but by non-Orthodox worshipers as well. Indeed, it is very informative for all Christians.

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