Bishop Artemije of Raška-Prizren: Easter Message

Spiritual leader of Kosovo Serbs urges his flock to follow the Savior’s way of the Cross

Belgrade, April 17, Interfax – Ruling hierarch of Kosovo Bishop Artemije of Raška-Prizren in his Easter message urged residents of this Serbian region not to abandon their native land.

“Let’s stay in Kosovo and Metohija near our shrines, near tombs of our glorious and holy fathers! It is our way of the Cross to the Resurrection, the only way leading to eternal life,” the Bishop’s message reads.

Bishop Artemije noted that residents of Kosovo had already celebrated the Resurrection of Christ in “crucified Kosovo for ten years.” However, in spite of sufferings and grief, they celebrate this luminous feast with faith and hope that suffering with Christ, they will also resurrect with Him.

The spiritual leader of Kosovo Serbs urged his compatriots to be with the Savior “in His suffering” and follow Him. “Then our life with Christ and in Christ will be crowned with eternal life with Him, Resurrected, in His glory and eternal blessed life,” Bishop Artemjie believes.

“It is the source of our faith and hope, the source of this Easter joy that no one can steal from us. Our spiritual children! The only thing that we should be afraid of and that can separate us from this eternal spiritual joy in the Kingdom of Christ is sin and sin only,” the Bishop further said.

“Despite all outside obstacles and misfortunes surrounding Christ’s man, he remains spiritually free, cheerful, immortal.”

“Our devotion and faithfulness to Resurrected Christ, devotion and faithfulness to our spiritual and national roots deeply imbedded in the holy Kosovo-Metohija soil, are the greatest treasure that we can pass on our children and our descendants for them to believe, to live and to find salvation in the only saving Orthodox faith,” Bishop Artemije said to Kosovo Serbs.

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