Religion and Economics: A Review of AEI’s Common Sense Concept Series

Over the last several years I find myself more and more being drawn more into conversation about religion—specifically, Orthodox Christianity—and economics. Originally, my interest in the economic side of the conversation was minimal.  Embarrassing though it is to say now, I only took one economics class in college and while I got a “B” I […]

The Ground Zero Church/Mosque

The Ground Zero Church/Mosque controversy has not been at the center of my attention.  Shame on me maybe but there you go. Let the mosque be built where ever the Muslim community can purchase land; it is their right under the Constitution. It is also the right of those who disagree to move first and […]

St Katherine College: Orthodox Undergraduate Education

In Fall 2011 an Orthodox undergraduate educational institution, St Katherine College, will open in San Diego, CA. Interested? Read on…

How Are We to Respond to Clergy Sexual Misconduct?

How should the Orthodox Church respond to the growing awareness of the harm caused by clergy sexual misconduct? I’m not asking here about policing misconduct but rather how are we to understand misconduct and what, if anything, can we do to lower its likelihood? In what follows, in this post I sketch out a brief overview of the research into the problem and offer some practical, if hard, suggestions.

Looking At the Numbers: Clergy Sexual Misconduct

Like the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church in this country is drawing candidates for ordination from a culture in which sexual victimization is common. Does this concern anyone?