Religion and Economics: A Review of AEI’s Common Sense Concept Series

Over the last several years I find myself more and more being drawn more into conversation about religion—specifically, Orthodox Christianity—and economics. Originally, my interest in the economic side of the conversation was minimal.  Embarrassing though it is to say now, I only took one economics class in college and while I got a “B” I was an indifferent student of the subject. Thanks to … [Read more...]

The Ground Zero Church/Mosque

The Ground Zero Church/Mosque controversy has not been at the center of my attention.  Shame on me maybe but there you go. Let the mosque be built where ever the Muslim community can purchase land; it is their right under the Constitution. It is also the right of those who disagree to move first and buy up the desired land or to outbid the Muslims who wish to build a mosque. But ya know, … [Read more...]

St Katherine College: Orthodox Undergraduate Education

One of the greatest needs for the Church in America is an Orthodox school system.  With few  exceptions, Orthodox Christian children attend public schools.  Yes, some attend private religiously affiliated or secular schools.  But there are very few Orthodox parochial school.   A noticeable exception to this, is Three Hierarchs Eastern Orthodox School (THEOS), "a private, non-public, … [Read more...]

How Are We to Respond to Clergy Sexual Misconduct?

An earlier post on clergy sexual misconduct (read it here) generated a number of very good comments.  These comments also reveal fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of social scientific research.  Many of those who did offer an opinion conflated the empirical, social scientific research on homosexuality and clergy sexual misconduct with the moral analysis of these issues.  … [Read more...]

Looking At the Numbers: Clergy Sexual Misconduct

(Okay, third times the charm, I hope.  Thanks to Chrys for helping me clean this up.  I really don't like writing about abuse but...) A recent issue of the National Catholic Register has an interesting, if sobering, article on the instances of sexual abuse of children (Revealing Statistics:Sexual Abuse of Children Runs Spectrum of Society) in the Catholic Church. What's most interesting … [Read more...]