Attn: Grand Rapids, MI — Edith Humphrey Speaks Tonight (March 23, 2012) at 7:00pm

The West Michigan Orthodox community is gathering for the 4th Salutations to the Theotokos (Akathist Hymn) on Fri., March 23, at 7:00 pm at St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church.

Following the Akathist, a Baker Publishing Group author, and Orthodox Christian, Edith Humphrey will be speaking. Last year, Baker published her marvelous new book on liturgy, “Grand Entrance: Worship on Earth as in Heaven.”

Humphrey (Ph.D., McGill University) is the William F. Orr Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. She is the author of several books, including “Ecstasy and Intimacy: When the Holy Spirit Meets the Human Spirit,” and of numerous articles on the literary and rhetorical study of the Bible.

Here are some links that explain more about her work:

Click the cover to learn more.

Book sample from Baker Books.

Edith Humphrey website.

Also, the newly consecrated Antiochian Bishop – Anthony – will be in attendance Friday evening along with Ancient Faith Radio ( – which will be recording the talk.

All are welcome.


  1. thank you Father for posting this.

    We are thankful to publish Edith’s fine work… and to host her this evening.

    Mike Cook
    Baker Books

    • Fr. Johannes Jacobse :

      Glad to help out Mike.

      • the event was beautiful. Our newly consecrated Bishop ANTHONY was in attendance at the event. About 200 people listened to a wonderful talk combined with a powerpoint. For anyone interested in Worship, and entering into the Presence of God … with both OT and NT exegesis to show how this great entrance has always defined orthodox worship… her book Grand Entrance is a perfect read.

        The great thing about Edith is that her journey to Orthodoxy is from The Salvation Army as a child and adult, from the Episcapalian church in later years… finally home to Orthodoxy. She she is senstive to the journey that it takes to come home to a fully apostolic, and liturgical life.

        God bless AOI and your good work here.


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