Armenians petition Turks for new patriarch

Who wants to be Patriarch?

Who wants to be Patriarch?

I post this for the benefit of Greek Orthodox bishops in America who have aspirations to Turkish citizenship. Make sure you don’t displease the Pasha. He’ll round file your job application.

From the Dec. 10 issue of Today’s Zaman:

Turkey’s Armenian Orthodox community seeks co-patriarch

The Armenian Patriarchate in İstanbul is seeking permission to designate a “co-patriarch” in light of the illness of Patriarch Mesrob Mutafyan, whom they recognize as their community’s spiritual leader until the end of his life.

An announcement on the patriarchate’s Web site announced that they have submitted an application to the relevant authorities toward the selection of a co-patriarch. The statement recalled that until the emergence of health problems, Patriarch Mesrob II had served in his position for 11 years and that on Dec. 24, 2008, the patriarchate decided that he would be the community’s spiritual leader until his death. “As is known, Turkey’s Armenian Patriarch Mesrob II is unfortunately ill. As we’ve written before, doctors are not positive about his medical condition. … On March 2, 2009, the decision was made that the necessity existed for a co-patriarch to be chosen, as our tradition provides for,” the statement added. While the exact nature of the patriarch’s illness has not been disclosed to the public, known issues include memory difficulty and other problems that emerged after the 53-year-old underwent surgery to remove a goiter.

The spiritual council of the Orthodox community decided during a Nov. 13 meeting to announce its decision to submit the necessary application to make it possible to select a co-patriarch, the statement said. The application has been accepted by İstanbul Governor Muammer Güler and will be forwarded as is required to the Ministry of the Interior, the patriarchate added.


  1. I wonder if the EP is going to have to get permission from the Turkish government as to how it will vote each time a vote is taken in the Great and Holy Council that may have an impact on its Orthodox “Turks”? Perhaps the Turks will also remake the salutations of all those about to be Turkish citizens from Your Eminence to Your Janissariness. I suppose only time will tell. In the mean time, I for one shall reflect on the words of Lactantius who said in The Divine Institutes:

    “Who that is possessed of any sense would not laugh at these mockeries, when he sees that men, as though bereft of intelligence, do those things seriously, which if any one should do in sport, he would appear too full of sport and folly?”

  2. George Michalopulos :

    Nick, I think the better question to ask is: “how many times and for what issues does the EP have to ask for permission ALREADY from the Turkish government?” Nothing else makes sense. Or maybe he doesn’t have to, perhaps he is already dhimmified and as such has internalized the secular-Islamic mindset. (How else to explain giving a Koran to the pres of Coca-Cola?) I’m not a New World Order kind of conspiracy theorist, but antics such as this plays according to the Soros/One-World type of globalism.

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