Ancient Faith Radio launches Byzantine chanting class

From Kevin Allen:

Let me introduce the new Ancient Faith Radio podcast Glory To Thee: A Chanter’s Workshop, with host Dr. Stephen Kouri, of Saint Luke (Antiochian) Orthodox church in Garden Grove, California. Dr Kouri is a longtime chanter and chant instructor and a trained voice musician.

One of the great needs in the Orthodox Church is the edification, encouragement and training (beginner and intermediate) of our Readers and Chanters in the Byzantine chant.

This podcast takes a “workshop-like” format and will train prospective chanters as well as improve upon the skills of existing chanters within the Byzantine tradition of chant. All eight irmologic and sticheraric tones will be taught and work-shopped (IE practiced) as in a live workshop-seminar format. Each program will focus on one tone and its plagal (companion). Each program will build on the other, with some theory, lots of practice and some Q & A. These programs are designed to be interactive. They are especially good for mission parishes and parishes that want to improve the quality of their chant and/or train new chanters.

I hope these programs will be an encouragement to your parish and I encourage you to encourage your chanters to listen too! I have chanted for a few years and have learned something new in each episode, when producing these programs.

Listen to the first podcast:

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