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Exposing the Left’s Dogmatism on Sexual Orientation and Gender

The essay below written by Janice Shaw Crouse summarizes a study released last week in the The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology and Science that deals with the politicization of sex and gender over the last few decades in Western culture. The study “follows three years of lengthy, thorough work studying, analyzing and summarizing nearly 200 peer-reviewed studies beginning in 1950 and continuing to the present date.”

Millennials Should Read Solzhenitsyn

By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote, “Socialism of any type leads to the destruction of the human spirit.” That premise, that truth, that touchstone, breaks the shackles that define economics as solely a materialist (and thus soulless) enterprise. Source: Acton Commentary The appeal of Bernie Sanders’ socialism is a puzzle to many, but […]

Russia and the West Have Swapped Spiritual and Cultural Roles

Editor’s Note: Readers will argue about the author’s positive assessment of Russian culture in this essay. Don’t get caught up in that. Look instead at the descriptions of ‘Democratic’ West, particularly the spiritual exhaustion we face and our refusal to resist the culture of death that grows around us. Those are indisputable. Source: Russia Insider […]

Fr. John Peck on the Coming Underground Church [AUDIO]

Many are noticing that the church is moving underground in America in the wake of growing persecution.