Archives for November 2015

The Revolutionary Mentality is the Confusion of our Time

Three “inversions” characterize the revolutionary mentality (Nazism, Communism, feminism, homosexualism writes philosopher Olavo de Carvalho regardless of their putative values or whether they use peaceful or violent means.

Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese Responds to Refugee Crisis

Since the tragic terrorist actions in Paris, Beirut, Mali and elsewhere in the past two weeks, there have been polarized reactions to the reception of refugees, mainly of Syrian nationality, worldwide.

Trifkovic – Immigrant Invasion: Der Untergang Des Abendlandes

The monsters in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Stockholm and elsewhere who allow abomination to happen are guilty of the greatest betrayal in human history.

The Unexamined Assumptions of the Skeptic: Alison Gopnik’s Trade of Hard Atheism for Soft Atheism

Many celebrated atheist apologists, today, are missionary-fervent in converting the masses of the “Western,” “post-Christian” milieu to their anti-God cause.