Archives for September 2015

Jonathan Swift Revisited

For the progressive audiences who feast on decivilizing designs. “How enlightened we are!” they boast with sated flesh.

Orthodox Bishops Assembly Releases New Study on Orthodox Generosity and Giving to the Church

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America has released a new study today, “Exploring Orthodox Generosity: Giving in US Orthodox Parishes.”

Wesley J. Smith: Will Progressives Require Doctors to Kill?

Secularist threats against religious liberty are spreading like a stain.

Patriarch Kirill and Russian Orthodoxy Deserve Respect Not Insults: An Open Letter to George Weigel*

Examining George Weigel’s unfounded, insulting accusations against the moral integrity of the senior leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church since the Ukrainian crisis erupted in February 2014.