Archives for August 2015

Planned Inhumanities: From Roe to Obergefell

It is the “planned” part of Planned Parenthood’s title that needs to be criticized. What kind of society thinks “parenthood”…can be regimented, organized, scheduled, commoditized, bought, sold, and programmed by people?

The Meaning of Grace for the Christian

In the Christian believer’s life there are no coincidences. Each of us is here not by chance, but by God’s Providence. We have been called to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.

A Black Day: Supreme Folly from the Supremes [AUDIO]

The unique meaning of marriage as one man and one woman is rooted in our very nature as male and female and is affirmed as a universal religious principal. It is deeply immoral and unjust for our government to establish in law a right for two members of the same sex to wed.

Je Suis Cecil

I am Cecil, not a nameless cache of liver, lungs and limbs dismembered before the memory of me comes forth.

Transfigure or Die Trying

The prevailing political and cultural elites in America are succeeding, steadily and surely, in plunging our society into a post-Christian vortex that bears a striking resemblance in many ways to the formative centuries of the ancient Church.