Archives for August 2015

Ancient Faith Today: David Daleiden – The Man Behind the Planned Parenthood Exposé [AUDIO]

People take umbrage at the suggestion that Planned Parenthood and Nazi Germany share the same debased view of of human life. But what other comparison makes sense of Planned Parenthood’s crimes?

Nature and City in the Greek East

The poet seems to suggest that we can now find the natural city only in the imagination. The bridge for the modernist poet is now an interior, and even a psychological function. It was not always so.

Orthodox Lectures at Acton University, June 2015 [AUDIO]

The lectures were delivered by Frs. Johannes Jacobse, Gregory Jensen and Michael Butler. Two more lectures were delivered by Dylan Pahlman, contributing editor at Ethika Politika.

Recreation and Re-Creation [VIDEO]

Classically trained iconographer, Lynette Hull, draws fascinating parallels between contemporary and ancient icons.

Mary: The Example to All Christians

Mary is the preeminent follower of Jesus and an example to all believers. Everything she does and says points to her Son.